Terms/Slang used in BIG WHITE LIES by Jay Darby

Hi folks,

After a suggestion by readers, I’ve added a Glossary at the start of BIG WHITE LIES. It explains a few terms and Australian slang/idioms that readers from other parts of the world may not be familiar with. Here’s the current version below:


Koori – a non-derogatory term for an Aboriginal person

Kookaburra – native Australian bird with a call that sounds like laughter

Drongo – Australian slang for ‘fool’

Fair dinkum – Australian slang for ‘serious’

Wah di rass mun – Jamaican slang, similar to ‘what the hell, man?’

I had a Barry Crocker – rhyming slang for ‘I had a shocker…’

Two-bob crook – police slang for ‘a low-level criminal, an amateur.’

You’ve lost your marbles – slang for ‘you’re crazy’

Wider than the Nullarbor – the Nullarbor Plain covers a huge area in southern Australia

Aerial ping-pong – slang term for the sport of Australian Rules Football

Could eat the crutch out of a low-flying duck – slang for ‘very hungry’

Tell a porkpie – slang for ‘to tell a lie’

If you’ve found other terms/slang/idioms in BIG WHITE LIES that weren’t familiar to you, let me know via the contact page and I’ll add them to the list.

Cheers – J



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