#DanPorterReckons – 4 – Get to know the hero of BIG WHITE LIES by Jay Darby via his best lines

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The main protagonist in BIG WHITE LIES is veteran street cop, Dan Porter. He’s harder-than-concrete, tells it how it is, and hates that he still cares.

Politicians run a close second to paedophiles on Porter’s ‘most despised’ list. When the Police Minister suggests that he and his investigation team aren’t doing enough to find Sydney’s missing girls – Porter hesitated for a few seconds. “You know what, mate, it’s much easier to criticize he who does, than to do, for he who criticizes…”

Porter wanted to confuse the bumbling politician, who assumed he quoted someone famous. It’s Porter’s way of saying – ‘If you’re not willing to have a go yourself, don’t knock those who are out there doing their best…’


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