BIG WHITE LIES by Jay Darby – writing the back cover blurb, part 2

Okay folks, an update….

I’ll be publishing the crime thriller BIG WHITE LIES in paperback format, so I need to write an attention-grabbing blurb for the back cover. Ideally, it should be around 150 words. This one below comes in at 149. Let me know what you think of it in the comments section. Would this spiel make you want to read the book? Or does it need more of an edge to it?

‘Sydney, 2018 – Forty girls have disappeared without a trace. Disgruntled cop, Dan Porter, leads the investigation, and when one is brutally murdered, her killer’s dare him to hunt them down.

A mysterious informant directs Porter to Crooked River, a dusty and hostile Outback town, where clues from the past might lead to the evidence he needs. His questions are answered with threats, blood is spilled. What part of the town’s history are the locals, and powerful others, so desperate to hide?

Porter’s in constant danger, but he’s no quitter, especially with young lives at risk. He uncovers the Outback’s darkest secret. It’s more sinister than ever imagined.

Porter now faces an agonising dilemma, and time is running out. To save the girls and deliver justice, he must reveal what he knows. But doing so could have devastating repercussions – for those he loves, and the nation he would die for…’




1 thought on “BIG WHITE LIES by Jay Darby – writing the back cover blurb, part 2

  1. Interesting enough, but not hooked.


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